Calendar Event Reminder (CER) 5.4.5

Repeating calendar reminders with custom duration, sound / vibration pattern

Calendar Reminder - Repeating reminder for calendar events with snooze support

!!! You can watch a demo on youtube: !!!

This app adds a nagging / repeating calendar reminder and extends the stock calendar application. You can customize the duration, repetitions, sound and vibration pattern. Works with every synced calendar.

When alarm / reminder goes off the device will be turned on and a popup window with information abount the event (title, time, location) is displayed. Alarm / reminder can be disabled by clicking the dismiss and snoozed by the snooze button.

- Repeating reminder / nag for all synced calendars (even corporate calendar)
- Customizable vibration pattern / alarm Sound
- Lock screen style sliders to snooze / discard alarm
- Froyo / Gingerbread look & feel for sliders
- Stays open after every/last/no reminder (configurable)
- Multiple snooze buttons with adjustable snooze logic and layout
- Turns on device display automatically (configureable)
- Supports Android 1.5 or greater including Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb
- Shows notifications in the notification bar
- Supports LED flashing
- Supports to flash screen during alarm
- Customizable orientation
- Clean and simple

!! Please note: You have to disble your alarm sound within the calendar app. Otherwise the alarm sound of my app may be suppressed !!

Touchdown not supported!

If you have any comments, feature requests or questions please get in contact with me. You can vote for new features on my website. You can also follow me on twitter @invalidobject_ for recent developments.

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